Is Garage Epoxy Flooring a Good Investment?

Looking to make your garage look better and work better, too? Even though garages are mostly for storing stuff and parking, don’t forget about the floor. Adding epoxy to your garage floor can really spruce it up and make a big difference.

Tired of looking at your plain old cement garage floor? The epoxy coating could be just what you need. It makes your garage look really nice and polished, almost like a professional workshop. That’s why so many people are choosing epoxy for their garage floors these days.


Epoxy flooring used to be mainly for big buildings like stores and factories. But now, more and more people are using it in their homes too. Homeowners like how it makes their garage floors look neat and tidy, just like in professional spaces.

Garage epoxy flooring services are really popular for both new homes being built and older ones getting fixed up. If you’re thinking about upgrading your garage floor, it’s smart to hire a team who knows what they’re doing.

Some folks think sealing a garage floor is easy. They figure you just paint it on, and you’re done! But actually, it takes skill to prepare the floor and apply the right products properly. Having the right tools is key to getting the best results.

Instead of trying to figure out “how to epoxy garage floor” online, consider hiring a skilled contractor instead. Bringing in a professional team is the easiest and most reliable way to get your garage floor sealed properly. With garage floor epoxy, quality matters, and the cheaper products don’t compare to what the experts use.


Many people think epoxy garage floor coating is just fancier paint for concrete. But actually, it’s quite different from the regular paint you’d find at the store. Sometimes, paint might have a little epoxy added to make it stronger, but it’s still mostly paint. Using full epoxy products on your garage floor gives much better results than just using epoxy paint.

Epoxy treatment involves a process where resin is heated and set on the concrete surface. It’s made by mixing a hardening agent called polyamine with epoxide resin. This mix makes epoxy strong and long-lasting, thanks to the hardening additives.

Another important difference between epoxy paint and genuine epoxy treatment is how they are set. Paint just dries, but epoxy actually cures. When you mix the two parts of epoxy resin, they react chemically and need time to cure. This process forms strong polymer structures, which is why garage floor epoxy is so tough and durable. Even if the surface feels dry, it still needs some time to finish curing completely.

Lastly, epoxy coating is a lot thicker than paint. It can form a strong bond with the concrete surface, but you’ve got to prep the surface well before applying it.


Here are some reasons you’ll be glad you decided to epoxy your garage floor:

  • Durability: Epoxy lasts a long time. Even in busy garages, the floors still look good years later. They can be used a lot without getting damaged by chemicals or being hit with tools. So if something like a bike falls over or you drop a wrench, you don’t have to stress about the floor getting messed up.
  • Protection: When you put epoxy on your garage floor, you’re giving it a shield to prevent damage to the cement. For instance, it helps stop oil stains, so cleaning up spills from working on your car is a breeze. Plus, it guards against certain chemicals and salts.
  • Property Value: As for property value, every improvement you make boosts your home’s worth, and epoxy flooring is no different. People looking to buy homes really like having tough, shiny garage floors, and they might even pay more for a house that has them.
  • Safety: Epoxy coating on your garage floor makes things safer for you and your family. It reduces slipping, is resistant to fire, and can handle heavy impacts without getting damaged.
  • Defects: If your cement has flaws, garage floor epoxy is a good way to cover them up. You can use an epoxy mortar to hide cracks up to half an inch deep before putting on the final layer of epoxy. 
  • Aesthetics: The cool colors and shiny surface make your garage look nicer and brighter. Get in touch with our team to learn about the different epoxy finishes and what they can do for your space.
  • Minimize Dust: If you have bare cement flooring, it can start shedding over time, leaving a dusty mess known as “dusting.” This dust gets kicked up by cars and people walking, settling everywhere in the garage. If you’re tired of constantly cleaning it up, epoxy coating is a good fix. It acts like a sealant on top, preventing dust and making it much easier to keep your garage floor clean.
  • Moisture Resistant: Adding epoxy coating to your garage floor helps protect it from moisture damage. When it rains, you don’t have to stress about water dripping off your car. Just be aware that some epoxy surfaces can get slippery when wet. If you want to reduce slipping, you could think about adding extra grip to the final coat to make a surface that’s not slippery.

When you check out these reasons why epoxy garage floors are great, you’ll see why getting this coating should be a top choice for sprucing up your home.


Is it worth investing in epoxy garage floors? Once you see the perks of epoxy flooring, you’ll be happy you decided to focus on this home upgrade. The price of getting your garage floor treated with epoxy can vary based on a few different things;

  • The size of your garage in square footage
  • The type of product used for the garage floor
  • Preparations needed for the concrete before applying the epoxy
  • The color you choose for the epoxy paint
  • Any special design elements like marbling or speckled patterns
  • The contractor you hire to apply the epoxy
  • The number of coats of epoxy required for your garage.

Epoxy garage floors are often priced per square footage. Typically, homeowners spend between $1,100 to $3,500 for garage floor epoxy. It’s a worthwhile investment, considering the enhanced function and look. Also, these upgrades can increase your home’s value, so when you sell, you may recoup some of the costs.


When you’re estimating the cost of garage floor epoxy, be sure to talk about the job details with your chosen contractor. It’s important that all the needed services are part of the estimate. For instance, some quotes might seem cheaper because the contractor doesn’t include the necessary concrete preparation before applying the epoxy.

Typically, comprehensive epoxy estimates cover all the necessary steps from beginning to end:

  • Cement repairs for cracks and chips
  • Roughing up the surface of the cement before application
  • Thorough cleaning to remove dust and grime
  • Three coats of epoxy: primer, base coat, and topcoat
  • Allowing for curing time between coat applications

Also, inquire about warranty coverage and ongoing repairs and maintenance. Opt for a committed contractor who stands by their work. Quality is key, so it’s crucial to collaborate with an experienced team.


Epoxy garage floors are made to last. This sturdy product keeps your garage looking good for years without the hassle of frequent repainting. Once applied, the coating maintains its shine and functionality with minimal need for repair and maintenance.

In a regular home environment, a quality epoxy garage floor can typically last between 5 to 10 years before needing replacement. Occasionally, there’s a chance of epoxy staining if it encounters certain substances. However, this staining usually doesn’t impact the floor’s performance and durability.


One perk of opting for this garage flooring is the opportunity to customize the color and look of your garage floor. When people step into your garage, you can impress them with stunning floors that really stand out.

You’ll find a broad range of colors for garage epoxy flooring, from solid hues to decorative patterns. For instance, you can add color quartz aggregate or contrasting vinyl chips to the epoxy to create various visual effects.

These color chips not only enhance the style of your garage floor but also provide additional benefits by introducing an anti-skid texture, making your garage floor safer. 


To select the ideal flooring for your garage, it’s crucial to explore your options. Being informed is essential when you’re investing in home improvement. Understanding the industry provides you with insights into the costs of these products and the long-term outcomes you can anticipate.

At GP Concrete Coatings, our dedicated team prioritizes your satisfaction. We utilize top-notch equipment and stay updated with the latest industry training and recommendations. Beyond garage floor epoxy, we offer a variety of concrete solutions. Our comprehensive approach ensures you get high-quality concrete flooring that saves you time and money in the long run.

To learn more, reach out to us to arrange a consultation and explore our available services. GP Concrete Coatings provides the specialized solutions you require for top-notch flooring. Get in touch with us to talk about garage floor epoxy and other concrete services.